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The Lower Normandy area guide

Sights and attractions

Falling on the English Channel side of France, Lower Normandy is a region boasting beautiful scenery, a rich history and its own unique culture. Lower Normandy came into existence in 1956, after Normandy was split into Upper Normandy (Haute-Normandie) and Lower Normandy (Basse-Normandie). Today, there are around 1.45 million people residing in this picturesque part of the country, which equates to roughly 2% of the entire French population.

The city of Caen is the capital of the Lower Normandy region and has a population of 420,000 residents in its greater urban area. Adding to the fascinating culture of Lower Normandy is the fact that the local dialect of Norman is still alive and well, and is spoken alongside French by a large number of people.

Those looking to live in an area that is home to a handful of incredibly impressive historical structures will quickly fall in love with Lower Normandy. The region is home to Le Mont-Saint-Michel, one of the most recognisable sites in Europe, if not the world. You would certainly be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen a picture of this walled island commune at some point in their lives. Sitting atop this magnificent tidal island, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site, is an awe-inspiring Benedictine abbey – which gazes out upon the surrounding bay and mainland, as well as the mouth of the Couesnon River. The island is currently home to around 50 people and the streets that snake their way up the hill to the abbey are home to a number of brilliant museums and restaurants.

Restaurants and cafes

Those with a penchant for fine food will feel right at home in Lower Normandy. Agriculture plays a huge part in the region’s economy and, as a result, you will never have to travel too far to get your hands on fresh, locally sourced produce. As a result of the importance that the area puts on good food, you will find that regardless of how small a town in the region is – it will most likely have a fantastic restaurant ready to serve you up a selection of delicious meals.

A prime example of this can be found in the tiny village of Beuvron-en-Auge. This village of slightly more than 200 people is considered to be one of the most beautiful in France and is home to a restaurant by the name of Le Pavé d’Auge. This Michelin-starred restaurant is housed within a stunning half-timbered market hall in the heart of the village. Meat-lovers will feel right at home here and the vast majority of items on the mouth-watering menu are made using locally sourced ingredients, which only adds to the authenticity of the dining experience here.


For the best shopping in the region, those who make the decision to relocate to Lower Normandy will most likely find that the region’s capital, Caen, is the place to go when it comes to finding the best places to shop. Here, shoppers will be able to find some of the brands they are accustomed to back home in the United Kingdom, including Foot Locker, Zara and New Look.

For those looking to complete their shopping all in one place, a trip to the Centre Commercial Saint-Clair would not go amiss. This shopping centre is home to more than 60 stores, including a Carrefour supermarket, a H&M and more.


There are multiple ways through which Lower Normandy can be reached from abroad. For those looking to relocate from England, there are a number of direct ferry services travelling from the British Isles into the ports of Cherbourg and Caen Ouistreham.

Of course, boat is not the only way that Lower Normandy can be reached. Those looking for a more direct route into the region will be able to fly into a number of airports in the area. Most flights go through either Deauville-Normandy Airport in Deauville or Caen la Mer Airport in Caen.

For those wishing to stick to the ground, catching a Eurostar train from London to Paris and then changing onto one of the multiple trains that head to Lower Normandy might be more appealing.

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