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As the birthplace of outstanding natural wonders (canyons, scorching deserts and stunning waterfalls) and famed cities like New York and Las Vegas, America will never cease to amaze you. If you decide to relocate here, an exciting new adventure awaits.

Sights and Attractions

Sceptics are always quick to point out that the U.S.A, as a relatively young nation, lacks any real history, but this is certainly not the case. Though the length of its history may be comparatively slight, the short story of America's past is about as action packed as a Hollywood blockbuster, with all the plot twists, action, violence and drama that you'd expect to accompany it. With such an eventful past, the sights and attractions built on the back of this are in abundance.

Sights like the Alamo in Texas, Alcatraz Island in San Francisco bay and the Statue of Liberty in New York remind you of how hectic this young nation's past has been. But what's really great about America is that whole areas become a visual representation of the past and by placing yourself in one of these areas you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a constant state of nostalgia.

You could buy a penthouse apartment in downtown New York and spend your days conjuring up images of the 1920's boom-bust financial culture. If political history is your thing then move to Washington, D.C., which is practically a mausoleum for the Founding Fathers and glorified presidents passed. Have you ever fancied yourself as a man of the land? Then head to the fertile ground of Adams County, Mississippi, or if partying is your thing, then why not jazz it up with a lavish Franco-American mansion in the garden district of New Orleans? Anything is possible in America!

Restaurants and Cafes

In recent years, Americans have enthusiastically embraced 'foodie' culture and the implications of this have meant that the standard of American cuisine has risen dramatically.

Americans have always been known to love their food, but now the scale of choice is so much greater. Unsurprisingly, like most places, the best restaurants in America tend to be in the most cosmopolitan or culturally endowed cities and most guides will tell you that the majority of these restaurants lie in vibrant business centres like New York and Chicago or the colourful, French-Spanish, culturally spectacular city that is New Orleans.

Also, as a country whose history is intrinsically linked with mass immigration, many great restaurants will serve foreign dishes that have been redubbed, re-polished and served with an American makeover.

New York's Little Italy, for instance, boasts some of the greatest pizza restaurants in the world despite being over four-thousand miles away from the country that invented the doughy dish. Whether you're sampling the Americanised foods of migrant communities old and new, or dining on American classics, one thing for sure is that good meals – and large portions - will never be hard to find.


Although most Americans are quick to associate luxury consumer goods with Europe, in recent years America has become a home to high fashion and cutting-edge consumer technology.

Tom Ford, the iPhone and Marc Jacobs are all millennial American exports and a sign of a domestic luxury market on the rise. Of course, though, the big old European ladies of grandiose fashion, timepieces and jewellery are never too far away and a stroll down Madison Avenue in midtown Manhattan will remind you that high-end shopping in America is still number one.

Like most countries, however, high fashion and luxury shopping is mainly constricted to the big cities and only the most fashionable ones at that. Luckily, the U.S. boasts 4 major fashion destinations in New York, Miami, L.A. and San Francisco and shopping in those cities, as you can imagine, is kind of a big deal.


Diverse and eccentric cultural extremes and a plethora of distinct ecosystems and natural habitats make travelling in America feel like travelling through an entire continent, with one major advantage… they all speak the same language!

To get into the country, you can catch an international flight into any of the major cities in the East and West coast. Aside from international travel, domestic flights are available to help you get from one side of the nation to the other. There is also an incredible national rail service to take advantage of.

However, driving is, perhaps, the best way to travel around the country. Not because it is the quickest method of getting around, but since it enables you to catch a glimpse of the nation's exquisite beauty as well as enjoy the thrills of the all-American road trip!

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