Country guide Germany

Sitting humbly in the centre of Europe, Germany boasts an enviable array of picture-perfect vistas, natural wonders, an attractive geographic location and incredible architectural monuments – reasons which continue to lure in millions of people each year.

Sights and Attractions

Germany is a nation that introduced the world to the automobile, theory of relativity, delicious bratwurst and of course, German beer - the nation's most famous export, with the world-renowned Oktoberfest celebrating the German's drink of choice annually.

Although it battled through two world wars, the country has picked up its pieces and continues to shape the world with its ground-breaking discoveries, but still manages to keep sight of its tremendous past. If you decide to relocate to this magnificent country, you'll be greeted by medieval towns beautifully frozen in time like Rothenberg, sky-scraping sceneries of the Bavarian Alps in Oberallgäu and chic, cosmopolitan cities like Berlin.

Whether you spend your evenings exploring the abundant beauty on offer like the magnificent Black Forest, immersing yourself in cultural institutions like the Dresden opera house, or visiting the bewitching Neuschwanstein Castle in Munich, Germany offers some of the most gorgeous, diverse vistas and attractions in the world – ones that will certainly leave an imprint in your mind forever.

Restaurants and Cafes

You would be mistaken in thinking that German cuisine is a medley of Bratwurst, sauerkraut and potatoes. In actual fact, the lip-smacking nosh on offer in this nation is as varied as its landscapes.

The first thing that many people notice in Germany is the prominent café culture and most notably, the local's love for Kaffee und Kuchen (basically coffee and cake). Wherever you go, you'll find a mixture of old-fashioned cafés or trendy, hipster hangouts happy to pour you cups of coffee and bring you slices of delightful cake. For many locals this is a staple part of life, almost a tradition in a sense - one that must be explored by any who venture here.

Complementing this café culture is a host of Michelin-starred and world-class restaurants serving up a host of fine international and traditional German cuisine. Aqua in Wolfsburg and Fishers Fritz in Berlin are particularly famed for their exquisite menus and outstanding dining experience. If you're looking to truly indulge your senses, a visit to at least one of these esteemed venues is a must.


With German fashion houses like Birkenstock and Hugo Boss and a myriad of international favourites to choose from, locals are utterly spoilt for choice. Aside from mainstream fashion, there is also a thriving hipster scene in a majority of the big cities, where a number of vintage outlets and independent boutiques allow locals to quench their thirst for individuality.

Other items to snap up include exquisite German crafts such as wood carved toys, cuckoo clocks and marionettes. Christmas markets present the perfect opportunity for you to purchase these goodies, as well as the chance to sample some delicious mulled wine and be tempted by the aroma of hot chestnuts.


Wherever you decide to live, be it a big city or rural town, you will come to find that getting around the nation is far from difficult. A smooth network of buses, trains, trams, and subways ensure that you can always conveniently travel from A to B. Additionally, night buses and taxis offer comfort to party animals who wish to dance the night away.

As the country that developed the first ever automobile, it is hardly surprising that cars are the most favoured mode of transportation for many. The Autobahn with its non-existent speed limit and the exceptionally well-maintained road infrastructure allow for a seamless driving experience, and offer users the chance to capture a glimpse of the nation's undeniable beauty through many of its scenic and off-the-beaten-track routes.

With airports dotted all over the country, a quick way to hop from city to city is by air. For those with no time to waste, this can be an extremely convenient option, but for many the use of a car, bus or train is more than sufficient, unless of course, they wish to travel overseas.

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