Dream Homes

Fancy an eight-bedroom mansion with home cinema, temperature-controlled wine cellar, swimming pool and grounds?  Even if a dream home like this is way beyond your budget, there’s no law against having a good snoop around what’s on the market.


Dream Homes

Is a sparkling new-build gated mansion with home cinema, temperature-controlled wine cellar, swimming pool and gymnasium on your property wish list? Or perhaps a rustic old castle in the hills of Scotland which you can pour your life and soul into restoring? Even if both are way beyond your budget, they represent something that’s totally free – a dream.

And the good news is with PrimeLocation, dreams can feel like a reality. After all, these days there’s nothing stopping you from having a good snoop around the inside of some of the most luxurious and opulent mansions in the country – as well as taking in their sprawling floorplans. This is the right place to start discovering the home of your dreams.

Pure luxury

Let’s face it, the typical definer of a pure luxury home tends to start with a huge price tag – and this can mean several (even tens) of millions depending on location. The size and amenities of a home also tends to set it apart as pure luxury. Design of course is another factor – a hyper-modern home built with state-of-the-art materials and eco-friendly features, could warrant pure luxury – as could, on the other end of the spectrum, a Grade II-listed period home.

In some areas of the country however, a dream home could mean semi-detached with a garden. In London for example, nearly half of all residential homes are worth over £1 million. Some of the priciest luxury homes in the capital are nestled on mews’ or quiet private streets. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in West London’s Kensington, where you’ll find Britain’s most exclusive streets. Rural luxury is different again. You’ll get grounds rather than a garden and interior square footage that would dwarf a similarly priced home in the capital or the south east.

Homes with swimming pools

Always wanted an indoor swimming pool?  A simple keyword search on PrimeLocation will reveal there’s more available in the UK than you might think. Because of the space they use (and, of course, the ongoing heating and cleaning costs) homes with indoor swimming pools are often associated with luxury homes – many of which can also offer their own sauna, gym and even changing rooms too.

Outdoor pools are a little harder to come by in the UK for obvious reasons. But if one of these is high on your wish list, it could make sense to head south to counties like Dorset where weather and affluence can combine to present a wider range of options. But it’s not only large and opulent homes that come with swimming pools. Some high-end developments offer swimming pool as a shared facility. But while won’t be responsible for pool maintenance, you’ll pay through your service charges. See if we’ve persuaded you to take a dip. 

Eco-friendly paradise

Do you love property and dream of becoming one with nature and all but eliminating your carbon footprint? The most modern incarnation of a dream home is perhaps an eco-friendly paradise, built in materials which are sympathetic to their surroundings – and in some cases could even return to nature entirely. So where do you start? If you want an existing rural dream eco home, Cornwall is a good bet, being renowned for its laidback living and ethical way of life. But of course, it can be even more efficient to build your own dream eco home from scratch. Another bonus of this of course, is that you can ensure that everything from heating, lighting and sewerage systems, is sustainable both now and in many years to come.