MasterChef winner Mat Follas talks food and property

What's it like to win MasterChef? Mat Follas talks life after his win, his restaurant in Dorset, food and property

Mat Follas shot to fame after winning MasterChef in 2009 where he wowed the judges by cooking his signature hearty fair that managed to be sophisticated and local. Two years on, the affable New Zealand-born cook is now chef and proprietor at his restaurant, Wild Garlic, in Beaminster Dorset.

Follas, who quit a well-paid corporate desk job to follow his dream of cooking for a living, took on a tour of his decidedly unpretentious restaurant. In this video he talks candidly about his home and why he’s both a homeowner and a renter; what his own kitchen is like and what his dream home would look like. Plus Follas sets the record straight about whether the recession killed off his chances of opening a restaurant.

“Winning MasterChef changed my life completely,” Follas says.”I’ve gone from a very secure corporate job that was reasonably well paid to running a small restaurant with all the challenges and blood, sweat, and tears that that it takes. But I absolutely love what I do now.”

And Follas says his choice of location, in Beaminster Dorset, was crucial to creating the his dream restaurant. "It’s great to be able to do it in this part of the country and live the sort of life I want and with the amazing produce we’ve got around us in Dorset. It's a fantastic part of the world."

    • By Samantha Baden
      September 20, 2011
    I love living in a rural environment and having a bit of space to grow things