Eight prime ideas for upgrading your bathroom

It may be the smallest room in the house, but with a little planning you can turn it into a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of modern day living. Not only will you get a lot of enjoyment from upgrading your bathroom, you will be adding value to your property too.

bathroom Here are our top eight tips for upgrading and updating this oh-so-important space.

1. If you have a coloured suite, it really is time for it to go. White is the preferred choice for most homebuyers - it's clean, light and space-enhancing. And with the right colour accents, accessories and bathroom products, it doesn't have to be boring.

2. Planning the layout of your bathroom is a must. If the layout works for you now, don't change it. Re-plumbing a bathroom is the most expensive thing you can do.

That said, if the layout doesn't work for you, then work with a plumber to look at how it can be redesigned. If you are thinking about moving the bathroom into another room, then consider where the waste pipes would need to go and how much of the garden would need to be dug up if you had to relocate the soil pipe and drains.

bathroomAnything is possible at a price, but think carefully about how the work will interrupt your lifestyle and whether or not the payoff will be worth it. It's possible your dream bathroom can be achieved without a major overhaul. Don't spend unnecessary money on the location - that way you'll have more to spend on the details.

3. Small spaces can be made to work with the right pieces of furniture. Corner basins and even toilets are available, but consider who will be using the room and how often. Avoid replacing a bath with just a shower, even if you rarely take a bath yourself. A change like this has the potential to impact your sale price. The word 'bathroom' has a little clue in its name - keep the bath in there!

4. Your choice of bathtub is an important one. It shouldn't be taken lightly if you plan to use this newfound space for relaxing. There are a number of great spa tubs available so you can get the benefit of a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. If you've ever had a Jacuzzi bath, you'll always want one.

Try to avoid corner baths where possible. They can be good for small awkward spaces, but they can also affect the resale value of your home.

bathroom 5. Install a power shower to add maximum value to the space. Choose one with an adjustable head so you can change the pressure. A high blast can be great for relieving aching shoulders.

6. If space allows, 'his and hers' double vanity basins are fantastic, and a much sought after bathroom feature. Bowl basins which sit on a wooden stand are the hallmark of an aspirational bathroom.

7. Take time to consider your fittings. Chrome is very popular in modern bathrooms, and good quality fixtures can set off even the most basic of bathroom suites. Your strategy might be to save money on the suite, but finish it with high quality fixtures. This approach works very well on low to mid-range budgets.

8. Be careful when choosing flooring and tiles. If you can afford to tile the whole room you might want to consider installing a wet room. Taking this approach you'll end up with a very streamlined space, but remember - there won't be any 'dry' areas in there.

    • Nov 2008
      by Tina Jesson