Commercial agents in EH11

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K Allan Properties

Watergate, Orkney, KW15 1PD - We also cover KW17, KW16, KW1, KW3, KW12, KW14, PA9, PA16, G46, G51, G52, G53, G77, G78, PA2, PA3, PA4, PA5, PA8, IV2, IV3, IV12, IV30, IV36, ZE1, ZE2, ZE3, EH11, EH14, EH16, EH17, EH21, EH32, EH33, EH4, EH47, EH48, EH54 and EH6

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Residential for sale: 64
Avg. asking price: £225,453
Avg. sale listing age: 23 weeks
Commercial for sale 8
Avg. asking price: £583,750
Avg. sale listing age: 43 weeks

McEwan Fraser Legal

130 East Claremont Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4LB - We also cover AB42, AB43, AB51, AB55, EH17, EH34, IV10, IV11, IV12, IV16, IV18, IV20, IV25, IV30, IV36, IV49, IV51, IV6, IV63, IV7, KA1, KA10, KA13, KA14, KA17, KA19, KA21, KA23, KA24, KA26, KA3, KA30, KA7, KA8, KA9, KY2, PA10, PA6, PA7, PA9, PH33, PA34, PA4, PA5, PA8, PH1, PH10, PH11, PH13, PH14, PH15, PH16, PH2, PH22, PH26, PH3, PH7, G71, G72, G73, G74, G75, G76, G77, G78, G81, G82, G84, KY1, KY11, KY12, KY13, KY15, KY16, KY3, KY4, KY5, KY6, KY7, KY8, ML1, ML10, ML11, ML12, ML2, ML3, ML4, ML5, ML6, ML8, ML9, PA1, PA11, PA13, PA14, PA15, PA16, PA2, PA20, PA23, PA28, PA29, PA3, PA31, EH54, EH55, EH6, EH8, EH9, FK1, FK10, FK12, FK15, FK16, FK17, FK2, FK3, FK4, FK5, FK6, FK7, FK8, FK9, G1, G11, G12, G13, G14, G2, G20, G23, G3, G31, G32, G33, G4, G41, G42, G43, G44, G46, G5, G51, G52, G53, G61, G62, G64, G65, G66, G67, G68, G69, DD1, DD10, DD11, DD2, DD3, DD4, DD6, DD7, DD8, DD9, EH1, EH10, EH11, EH12, EH13, EH14, EH15, EH16, EH18, EH19, EH2, EH20, EH21, EH22, EH23, EH25, EH26, EH28, EH29, EH3, EH32, EH33, EH39, EH4, EH41, EH42, EH45, EH46, EH47, EH48, EH49, EH5, EH51, EH52 and EH53

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Residential for sale: 601
Avg. asking price: £242,127
Avg. sale listing age: 42 weeks
Commercial for sale 52
Avg. asking price: £486,317
Avg. sale listing age: 94 weeks

Ralph Sayer

Birch House 10 Bankhead Crossway, South Edinburgh, EH11 4EP

Residential for sale: 49
Avg. asking price: £313,826
Avg. sale listing age: 9 weeks