Architectural designer and TV presenter Charlie Luxton caught up with us at the recent Homebuilding and Renovating Show and revealed the best property advice he'd ever received.

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  • "My dad has always been really good on this with houses," Charlie says. "He always said today's over-investment is tomorrow's bargain. I think he's absolutely right.

    "When you do a project, do it right, do it to last. And although at the time of doing it you might say you have over-invested, the cost of building is only going to go up.

    "The thing you pay for today is going to be cheap in 10 years time. Do it now and do it right.

    "The second thing I would add is do less better. That's something I've assimilated from others advice but also from doing lots and lots of projects.

    "If you set out to to try and achieve a small amount and do it to a high standard, you'll never regret it. If you try to do too much, cheaply, that's when you get into problems.

    "So do less better and today's over-investment, is tomorrow's bargain."

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