One way to make the most of your home is to look around you and discover more about your locale. And if you look hard enough, you'll soon see just how location, property value and quality of life go hand in hand.

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  • The primary cost of education

    How much more does it cost to live near a decent primary school? Earlier this year PrimeLocation tracked the pounds, shillings and pence of owning a home near a decent place to educate five to eleven-yearolds, and listed the best ones.

    Is it nice to be beside the sea?

    There's a vista many of us hanker after when house hunting - a coastal one, ideally taking in a beach. But how much more will this cost you compared to a home further inland? 

    Does a baby boom drives prices up?

    If your high street is taken over by bugaboos and yummy mummies then you probably live in a Nappy Valley, which is good news forhouse prices.

    The towns with tasty house prices

    There is a long standing link between nice restaurants and higher house prices, along with supermarkets and famous coffee chains. But how much more to do you pay to live near a Michelin starred eatery?

    A fine state of affairs

    It's now a fact that the catchment areas around sought-after state schools push up house prices, sometimes signficantly and Research by revealed recently that the average hike is 35 per cent.

    London's future million pound hotspots

    The capitals' house prices continue to rise depsite the big house price freeze elsewhere, and three of its postcodes look set to benefit as their average asking prices approach £1m for the first time.

    The capital's secret of success

    What is it that makes London property so recession proof? We went to meet one woman selling her house in SE London to find out.

    Is it worth escaping to the country?

    What's it like to decant yourself from a seething metropolis like London to a gentile tourist hub like Bath? PrimeLocation finds out.

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