We talk to Sarah Ward, an experienced interior designer, who has designed a wide range of properties from upmarket private homes to show homes and even nightclubs.

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  • Ward has been on the on the board of the two major design societies, lives in Kingswood, Surrey, and her clients have included high profile celebrities as well as specialist developers such as Octagon.

    How did you begin?

    During my childhood I lived mainly in the Far East, which exposed me to many different styles and cultures. This inspired and interested me. From a young age I showed great interest in how things looked. This lead to my profession as an interior designer working in the commercial and residential sectors within Britain and overseas.

    What was you first project?

    My first was the Pitcher & Piano Bar in Chiswick, London. In 1992, we carried out the first of six refurbishments for the company. We mixed bare plaster walls with stainless steel and natural oak. The scheme was a leader in terms of style, which many then copied. The brief was 'meet and talk' and was the first contemporary pub.

    What inspires you at the moment?

    I like travelling and new experiences, especially seeing different things and going to places that I have not been to before.

    What has made your business flourish while others have failed?

    Taking a brief is key. The challenge is to understand and surpass the client's expectations. I achieve this by listening, assessing their needs and them combining those elements with practicality and style. I thrive on the diversity that different clients bring to the party. It is a bit like a hurdle race, the gun fires, you leave the start line, sometimes it's a straight race and other times you have to jump lots of hurdles to reach the finish.

    Elegance and sophistication are important elements within our work, together with the latest in technology and lighting. We have the experience and skills to look after every aspect of the project from start to finish.

    What's been most challenging about your work?

    Keeping in touch with people. It is vital to keep abreast of the scheme and budget for the client. Design is very personal and demands a relationship between the client and designer, which incorporates both trust and openness. Our approach articulates an overview of the steps we take to achieve the client's goals and design objectives. It is very important that the client is kept fully informed at all stages of the project.

    What 'gives you a kick'?

    I have the vision on day one, so to see the end result in the flesh is fabulous.

    What would be your dream project?

    To work on a second home in or out of a major city.

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