"I wish I'd asked..." is a commonplace feeling after a property viewing, so arm yourself with this checklist before you turn up on the doorstep.

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  • Most homes are bought from a mixture of head and heart. You might spot a bargain, but if you can't stand the location, will you ever really settle? Conversely, you could fall in love with a property, yet if you've overstretched yourself financially, you won't be in position to enjoy it properly.

    When you're stood on the doorstep with the estate agent about to start a viewing, there's nothing wrong with feeling excited, but staying objective is important too.

    Hopefully, our checklist can help you here. So ask the agent, the seller, and sometimes yourself, the following questions as you go around and you could save yourself both time and money.

    1. Inside the property

    Does the property require updating?

    If so, is it just cosmetic, or is there more serious work involved?

    Is it worth getting an estimate for such work?

    Is it a listed building or in a conservation area which might restrict any alterations?

    Are the rooms big enough for your requirements?

    Will all your furniture fit?

    What is and isn't included in the sale?

    How much is the council tax?

    What are the usual bills for electricity, gas, water, etc?

    What reasons are given for the sale?

    Is there central heating?

    How old is the boiler and when was it last serviced?

    Is the property insulated, including the loft or roof-space?

    Are the windows double-glazed?

    Has the property been altered in any way that required planning consent?

    Are there any signs of subsidence?

    Are there any major cracks in the walls or doors not closing properly?

    Are there watermarks, is damp present or does it smell dank?

    Has the property been recently decorated to cover anything untoward?

    Is there enough storage for all your belongings?

    Are there enough power points?

    Does the property have enough natural light?

    Has it been well maintained?

    Could you see yourself living there?

    2. The location

    What is the property's proximity to main roads, schools, clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants? 

    How close is it to railway lines or flight paths overhead?

    What does the community feel like?

    What is the condition of nearby property like?

    Is the property near relevant transport links? (The 'Local Info' tab on our property listings will help here)

    Are there any plans for development near or around the property?

    What is the crime level like in the area?

    Has there ever been a dispute with any neighbours about the property or land?

    If you believe the property has potential, arrange for a second viewing. You might want to take a friend whose opinion you value to come with you.

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    Have we missed any important questions for a house viewing? Let us know in the comments, below...

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