If you are searching for a disabled-friendly or accessible home to rent or buy, you will know just how difficult it can be to find one.

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  • Finding private residential property that is accessible can be tricky - but it's not always because there's nothing suitable out there.

    In fact, there is a wide range of adapted and disabled-friendly property on the market at any given time, it's just that the difficulty lies in identifying suitable homes.

    Due to the fact that the term 'disabled' is open to many different interpretations, it is not always possible to identify specific requirements.

    Some people may require full wheelchair access, whereas others might just be looking for a bathroom that has been adapted for accessiblility, or even just a property with a dedicated nearby parking space.

    Finding accessible and adapted housing is a necessity for those with a physical disability. Without it, independence is seriously limited. However, it can be difficult to know how to search effectively online for such houses.

    Here at PrimeLocation, we are only able to identify disability-friendly homes if the estate agents have included the information in their property description.

    In this case, make sure you use our keyword search function when looking for as home, either to rent or buy.

    When you've landed on the property for sale or property for rent pages, click on 'Advanced search options' and punch in exactly what you are looking for under the keyword section (as illustrated below).

    If you don't find immediate success, keep playing around with different keywords. You can also search for exact phrases by using quotation marks e.g. "disabled access"

    In addition, it's also advisable to register with local agents. directly. They will be able to identify other disabled-friendly properties available in your area.

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