History buffs will be drawn to Shrewsbury for its well preserved medieval buildings, but it also offers excellent transport links and a thriving retail sector.

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  • Shrewsbury is my home town, although I live in London now. It’s actually a pretty famous place in its own right. Put on the map by its yearly flower show (sure, it’s no Chelsea in the bloom stakes, but it’s still impressive) and a load of period dramas have been filmed here too. It’s very pretty if you get excited about black and white Tudor buildings. Shrewsbury Abbey became a household name in the 90s after fictional character Cadfael took up residency there.

    The High Street is also famous historically too – the buildings encompass more of a time span from old to new than any other street in the world. Impressive huh? There’s a population of 100,000 (even though I’ve fled the coop so really it’s one less) and no less than 600 listed buildings. One of those is a mighty big castle too. 

    The people who built the town were very clever indeed. They built a giant castle, at the top of the hill, surrounded by the river Severn. That could go some way to explaining why the old buildings are still in such good condition, as in Medieval times it was pretty well defended. Of course, now that means that any way you walk through the town you seem to be walking uphill, and the bottom of the town floods every year leaving everyone stranded. It’s like a snow day, but with more damage to shops and houses. Although they’ve been lucky the last couple of years and haven’t had any major problems.

    Location wise, Shrewsbury is perfect. An hour away from Birmingham and only three and a half hours to London Euston. You can also get to the beach in an hour and a half as it’s just next to the Welsh border. With its picturesque black and white buildings, countryside surroundings and easy transport routes, it’s easy to see why people want to live here. It’s convenient for both Wolverhampton and Chester Universities and there’s a good mix of private and comprehensive schools in the town and surrounding area, The Shrewsbury High School being the most renowned.

    It’s a stunning town, with a really strong property market. The houses in the town itself are period buildings and they’re rarely on the market. Obviously if you want a river view you’ve got to be well prepared against flooding, but if you look in the right areas, like Wyle Cop, Belle Vue and Frankwell you could find yourself living in a rather special town.

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