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Buying an international holiday home or overseas investment property? Take a look at our international property guides for useful hints, tips and advice.

guide to buying a property abroad

Guide - Buying Property Abroad The process of buying a property abroad should be a systematic process. However, it often starts as an impulse decision, driven by emotional rather than rational considerations.

mortgages for international properties

Guide - mortgages for international properties It might not be the most exciting part of buying a holiday home in the sun but the decision about how to finance your purchase is an important one. It is vital to get your finances in order.

    Country guides

    Globe AtlasIf you are looking to buy property abroad but aren't sure which country to choose, read our country guides which contain contain useful hints, tips and advice to help you decide.

Why Italy rivals France

Why Italy rivals FranceAre you a regular visitor to Europe's ski slopes? If so you will have at some point considered buying a property near the pistes rather than paying the exorbitant weekly room rates charged by many chalets these days.

top tips for buying a ski lodge

top tips for buying a ski lodge Ski property has been growing rapidly in popularity over the last few years, and one reason is that it can be difficult to book in the best resorts during peak weeks such as February half-term, and is likely to cost you an arm and a leg.

a golf home is no handicap

a golf home is no handicap THE RISE and rise in development of golf-side homes has been one of the truly remarkable phenomena of the property market in recent years...
  • Price reductions in paradise?

  • Price reductions in paradise?The dramatic property price drops in Spain, Portugal, the US and France have been well documented as the downturn has spread across the globe – but what of the Caribbean, the world's once most luxurious holiday home destination? Nigel Lewis reports.

local slant on the eco-home

local slant on the eco-home An eco-home overseas can mean something quite different from an environmentally-friendly property in the UK. For one thing, in hotter parts of the world, energy is more likely to be consumed cooling a house down than heating it.

guide to letting a property abroad

Guide - Letting Property Abroad Congratulations! You have found your property, overcome the legal and financial hurdles and have the keys. But just when you think the work is over, the bills start landing on the doormat...

checklist before moving abroad

When moving into a property abroad, organisation and planning are vital. This guide lists some important things to consider like insurance, finances, tax, utilities and cheddar cheese!

using foreign exchange for your mortgage

Guide - using foreign exchange for your mortgage In an uncertain world, there are few things harder to guess than foreign currency movements. Yet as the owner of a property abroad, you will have to get involved with exchange rates.

using property search agents to buy property abroad

Guide - using property search agents to buy property abroad Ideally, searching for a property abroad would be a labour of love involving sunny days exploring areas of your chosen country. Sadly, the reality for most of us is very different.

buying guide - Rhône Alpes

  • Buying guide - Rhone Alpes A huge region that stretches between Burgundy in the north and Provence in the south, Rhône-Alpes includes the cities of Lyon, Chambery, St Etienne and Grenoble, the remote area of the Ardeche, as well as the plum parts of the French Alps.

buying guide - Midi Pyrenees

buying guide - Midi Pyrenees Midi Pyrenees is the region of south-west France that sits immediately above the Pyrenees and Andorra, and is dominated by Toulouse at its centre. It is the largest region in France – bigger than Denmark or Holland – but does not include any coastline.

buying guide - Languedoc Rousillon

Buying guide Languedoc Rousillon If Provence accounts for half of France's Mediterranean coastline, Languedoc-Roussillon has the other, less celebrated half. It may not be the first choice playground of the rich and famous, but the coastal region which stretches...

the varied region of south-east France

the varied region of south-east France The south-eastern corner of France is possibly the most varied of all the country’s regions, embracing Alpine mountains, the glorious Provencal countryside, and the pulsating life of the French Riviera...

Normandy landings

Normandy landings The main attraction of Normandy is that it's a short hop over the Channel - theoretically even commutable if you work in Kent - and yet is like entering another world from the crowded south-east corner of England...

insight on Aquitaine

  • insight on Aquitaine Aquitaine in the south-west of France is the country's largest region, stretching from Poitou-Charentes in the north down to the Spanish border in the south, and encompassing some of its greatest treasures...

    Country case studies

    Swimming PoolIf you are thinking of buying a property overseas for investment purposes or as a holiday home, read our case studies and learn from the experience of others to ensure your project goes smoothly.
  • USA - California

  • buying guide - CaliforniaIt's the Golden State. America's east coast often feels familiar to Europeans, but the west coast has a quite different feel. Southern California has a climate that is hard to beat; and some of the most glitzy addresses...
  • USA - Florida

  • the low-down on buying and living in FloridaIt's eight hours away; it has a Caribbean climate with a first-world economy and infrastructure; and it attracts some 76m tourists a year. Property that would be considered...
  • USA - New York

  • buying guide - New YorkIt's been called the City that Never Sleeps, the Capital of the World, and of course, The Big Apple, but as well as being one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world, New York probably has a greater obsession with...